Oudian thinks of the floor that the home can breathe

"Będzie sławny... Stanie się legendą... Wcale bym się nie zdziwiła, gdyby odtąd ten dzień nazywano Dniem Harry'ego Pottera. Każde dziecko będzie znało jego imię". Gdy J.K. Rowling zapisywała te słowa na pierwszych stronach "Harry'ego Pottera i Kamienia Filozoficznego", nawet w najśmielszych marzeniach nie przypuszczała, że się spełnia...
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Oudian thinks of the floor that the home can breathe

Postautor: qizhen0809 » 19 sty 2018, 3:45

<p>A lot of people feel the wooden floor in the home is too long and old, want to change new, actually otherwise, real wood floor can be renovated, a few dye increase to go in in the process of processing, still can alternate color. Saved many money not only so, still can let your floor look brand-new it seems that. </p>

<p>Particular way is, first floor polish, millimeter of 2-3 of abrasion of floor of pure real wood, will transparent be bored with child in the dye that increases need, brush go up in the floor. If floor itself color is lighter, hope to deepen, such face-lifting are OK. But if floor itself color is deeper, the hope becomes shallow, the likelihood needs much burnish 2-3 to all over, and brush 2-3 more all over transparent be bored with child with dye, ability lets light color enclothe original brunet. </p>

<p>The construction of face-lifting divides kind of case. The first kind does not use former floor board namely, arrive home technology area inside, whole area is done together. Price of this kind of circumstance will be some cheaper, be in about 60-80 yuan smooth rice, but the contaminative problem with serious existence, include the pollution of the dirt in construction process, noise, can affect the life of circumjacent neighbour not only, also can cause an effect to the face-lifting of the floor. </p>

<p>Another kind of circumstance is will former floor board pulls down, take manufacturer to do, such may much 20-30 yuan of smooth rice tear open outfit cost, but on craft more standard. Lacquer and be bored with child it is to pass high temperature firmly to adhere to on the floor, renovate in the home very inaccessible such standard. </p>

<p>Need 8-10 day in the face-lifting in the home directly, pull down the floor takes a factory to renovate need to increase the time that carries back and forth, altogether needs 10-15 day about, if former floor board does not have damaged, the effect that face-lifting comes out and the floor board that buy newly are about the same. </p>
<p>Warmth of holy Pu Lisi hints: Chuxue is admittedly beautiful, heat preservation needs to strengthen! </p>
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<p>If of the installation in your home is compound floor, do not recommend do face-lifting. Because compound floor price is not very high,be, what did not renovate is necessary; 2 it is compound floor is in one layer the hardest the surface, complex of high temperature glue is among, when face-lifting once burnish surface is very easy,destroyed, achieve the result of face-lifting hard. </p>

<p>So small make up it is good to advance everybody to the home is installed or lay real wood floor here oh, although the price is a bit more expensive, but the face-lifting of convenient later period!

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